London National Park City week - new park 1 

First visit to Boston Manor Park on the River Brent. 

From Moormead junior parkrun’s 3rd birthday, via Syon Park, then back home again, with a slice of the Crane, and Twickenham Green.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~    


Walk to & from a full on fun day of mappery at London National Park City fair.

Met some great people and organisations today, looking forward to seeing the vision and community grow and continue to make a difference. 

Wiped out now, but in a good way!

~ mapping my year, no days off ~  


Running Bushy’s waters with Ol.

A very hasty 5 minute sketch while getting stuff ready for tomorrow. 

I think it shows… you can’t rush a hand drawn map. 

See if I can do a better job at tomorrow’s London National Park City fair! :)

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


Running between the Hundreds.

I spend most of my time training in the old Spelthorne Hundred. 

All activities near work would be Elthorne. 

And the third most frequented must between Isleworth and Kingston Hundreds.

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Warm up along the AIRSTRIP

You can barely run in this part of the park at the moment, let alone land a small aircraft.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~        


Club reps up and down Chestnut Ave. 

Very nearly forgot about this and lost my mapstreak! 

First intervals in a long while. 3x 3/2, then 3x 2/1.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~      


One dimension: forwards.

I was thinking, if we didn’t know what the world looked like from above, and I suppose if we couldn’t see what’s up ahead, then we’d just be moving in a straight line. Forwards. 

Even on an out and back.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~    


Long slow runswimrun marathon.

More of a run-float-run really. Very hot towards the end, but slowly starting to cope better with the heat. 

I’d forgotten how nice Shepperton Lake is. Water was 24°C today! Need to get down there for a proper swim next time.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~    


Same route back to work this morning. 

Left this map not quite finished. 

Or semi-finalised if you like… 🦁🦁🦁

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


First Crane Valley commute to retain dry feet, see an owl (I think it was an owl), vault a fallen tree, and it was marvelous.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


From the Hill, to the King’s Field and back. 

In the midday sun. 

Surely I’ll acclimatise eventually?

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Early start tagging onto Ben’s long run until the lock, then trying to buy myself some time before Moormead juniors.

Sweltering even at that time. Some good miles banked though.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


A lesson (that I probably won’t learn from) in how to not pace a training run on a hot day. 

Four unsustainable miles out, around Little Britain Lake, two slightly more realistic miles back, then short intervals that left me broken for the rest of the day.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


Lunch football chat with Shaun around Cranford Park.

This map based on OS one-inch Windsor (Hills), 1896.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


When all this were nowt but fields.

Based on 1897 OS 6 inch map of Middlesex.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


Styled on the 1898 OS 25 inch map of Surrey, this was a four and a bit mile run, split into 5 sections. 

1. Through the long grass from my gate to the Longford bridge.
2. Along the River Longford to the fountain.
3. Three inner loops around the fountain.
4. Up Chestnut Ave. to Teddington gate.
5. Back home via Queen’s, Stanley & Connaught Roads.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


A half arsed attempt at drawing hachures to depict relief in this map of my half arsed attempt to run the Picnic Marathon on Box Hill. 

Map almost as disappointing as the run.

An out and back route, with mini out and backs (or downs and ups really), along the way, total 3200 feet over 11 ascents of Box, Juniper and White Hills for the half. For the full Picnic Marathon, you just do it all again. I chose to remain alive and stop at a half. 30C temps and this hill are not a good combination. Not for me at least.

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London Rivers Week, day 8 - a beautiful morning walk along the South Bank, from QEH to the Tate Modern, and back along the beach.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


London Rivers Week, day 7 - the Hogsmill River, a couple of miles upstream from where it meets the Thames, at the ancient Clattern Bridge and the King’s Stone.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


London Rivers Week, day 6 - the Longford again today, but this time along the course she follows through Bushy Park, and everything she feed along the way.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~

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