import time 

start = time.time()

def do_running(duration, fatigue):

    while True: 

        fatigue += 1 


        if time.time() >= start + (duration*60): 

            print(“current % of knackered: “, int(fatigue)) 


do_running(43, 50)

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


There’s going to be limited movement for me after yesterday, so today’s map is for my goddaughter Tess. 

A run with her dad along the Brandon to Bishop Auckland Railway Path, as it looked back when the line was in use in the late 19th century. 

Based on an 1896 OS map.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


Palace 2 Pier with some friends. 

Cheated a bit with today’s map and made it in advance. It was a long day. And I think I broke myself.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


246. 200 to 203A and back. 

Maybe it’s the contrast coming back from Norway, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the canal littered to this extent :(

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


A couple of km walked with the boy, one of the most remote places I’ve ever set foot. 

A beautiful, but desolate end to the trip.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


Opp Ulriken attempt. Vertigo won. 

Made the mistake of taking the “path” less travelled. Terrain was tough going, should have taken the steps. 

But if we don’t challenge ourselves… 🙃 

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


Stoltzekleiven opp (~950ft climb in half a mile…), then around the top, and back down Fløyen. 

One of those ones when you’re glad you hauled yourself out of bed early.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~  


We took a walkswimwalk to/from Nordnes Sjøbad, Bergen. 

Lovely little saltwater pool, heated 25°C. Also an option to jump in the 16°C fjord. No.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


No words, photos or map, will ever do it justice. But hopefully they’ll keep the memories alive. 

Just a boat cruise, but it was too significant not to use for today’s map.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


Ran the road back to Flåm village, then up towards Gudmedalen. 

Visualise 4x Box Hill’s Zig-zag road to get to where I turned back. Or 8x if you were to continue to the top…

~ mapping my year, no days off ~


We’ve arrived in Rivendell. 

Ran part way up a fjell to see a fossen. 

To put it into perspective, this was about 2x Box Hill steps, and that’s only about 20% of the climb. Nice on the way up, then as I turned, so did the weather… 

Refuelled with reindeer sausages.

~ mapping my year, no days off ~

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